There lies a vast pool of sadness,
We take a boat of hope across,
Waves try to stop us and you hold on,
How can I not love you?

I want to see it all burn,
You want me to do nothing but be still,
Still which is truly me,
I burn and you stand guard with the hose.

I cry and you cry, I smile and you laugh back,
They mock me and you abuse them away,
They judge and you hug it all away,
"Be a man, be strong" They scream
"Be strong but please don't be a man" you whisper
I fall back weak in you
Till you rescue me back stronger than ever before.

"It won't last. All good things come to an end."
I doubt and whimper in fear,
You hold my hand and tighten it even more,
"All good things come to an end.But the best go on in an endless loop."
I hurt you and you hurt me back.
I hide and you find me, You try but can never hide,
"I will leave you."
And I say " Goodbye does not exist".

Can one die of happiness? Well that be the best death then.
Can one be cursed all their lives? Give me her and keep your curse.
Will things always go wrong? Let them for We will dance them all away.
She smiles and I am too drunk in her to separate dream from reality.

To that shapeless thought,
To that formless angel,
To the one I still don't know.
I love you and miss you.
And if you are listening just know this,
Forever is not Enough.....

(Inspired by the movie- The Spectacular Now (2013))

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